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Tara in the waterworld that we all come from

My earliest dreams from about 3 years old always included being under water and watching the world. It was always beautiful.tara 3165 small

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@carsonz and i have had some fun with under water work. I was so please we found a moment or two in Hawaii to shoot because this time around our pool was open to the public. We basically hung around the pool for days on end in our spare time to guage when people were about or not. we had to enter into the pool in a bikini because there was a cctv camera vigilating the area. Once under the water i wrapped myself in the material and the rest was history in the making. 😉 @melbrackstone i wouldnt be the under water mermaid i am today with out our first sessions in australia. I believe we even used red material. Photos which i still adore and cherish.
Thanks @zoewiseman for your kind comment. I do realise in the out of water world that this facial expression or lack of gets me into quite a bit of trouble, Stoic is a word that draws to mind although ive had many words thrown at me. 😉 Now i just realise that i carry my underwater face with me everywhere 😉 I might have to work on that one. 😉
Thank you Carson. Especially for the publication in your last book. I really hope we go on to do further projects together and i will look forward to them.

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